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#1 15 years ago

I've noticed that IG (yes, i know there are people who think that they are STILL over powered, im not sure why though) are almost impossible to use from tier 1-2 when they are assaulted by mass "jetpack guys" (yeah i should know the terms for them but im trying to master one race at a time here). people suggest "nades" but as soon as they say this i roll my eyes and think, "wow they really don't play IG (and probably the game) often enough to know that "nades" aren't at all useful against units that specialize in close combat and can close in on targets, literally, in the blink of an eye. At tier 2 mass "jetpackers" will just close in on ANY vehicle and shred them. This is part of a larger problem with IG, in general, they have NO UNITS THAT CAN JUMP. Not to say that IG should (because i know we like to have uniqueness to our races :) ), but since IG are a very slow moving race (aside from the sentinels) and for a BALANCED game they should have some kind of counter to, and fix for this. This counter could be an upgrade, a new unit, moving around the tech tree a little...whatever, as long as this is addressed. This is a problem and i know others think so as well, because as soon as opponents see that i have chosen IG, a swarm of "Jetpackers" comes knocking on my door, and i pray to hit tier 3 sometime that YEAR to unleash my precious ogryns! :0wned:


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#2 15 years ago

Well I do have to admit bout the IG not having a special jump unit but thats how they work and there own uniqueness.The IG are a very defensive orientated race and its mainly bout defense,defense and more defense. It takes a great amount of micro managing to manage them but not impossible. With the IG Im usally in tier 3 by the first 1/4 of the game.My main objective is to capture 2-3 points and reinforce them and strengthen those points and stick with those points and not go wild and capture everything possible.Dont spread yourself out to thin.While doing that I build the required stuff to tier up quick.Make sure you have a solid defense before moving on.And keep in mind I only upgrade to weapons,armor and ect that I really need cause every little bit of your resources count during this time.Once I have a good foot hold then I upgrade the other things. With that said all in all I usally have Ogryn and Leman Russes running around by the time the fighting gets thick.


I didn't make it!

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#3 15 years ago

i think ig should have ratling snipers to counter threats like that, rarely attacked and very powerful