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#1 14 years ago

* *I'm new to Dawn of War. I've played several RTS games before, such as Empire Earth, Rise of Nations, the Civilization series. Although action is fun, I've got a bad feeling about this game. Way back in the Dinosaur Days, when you had to go to an arcade to play a video game, all the games were played at a frantic pace.....basicly, in order to win, you had to turn yourself into a high-speed robot, pretty much taking away all the fun. I'm getting that vibe from this game, also. It isn't about making the right choices, it is about, "Can you click the mouse faster than the computer can send stuff at you?"

This feels especially true in Melee combat. In many other RTS games, I am able to pause the game, then scroll around the map, consult menus, look at units, make some decisions, then turn the game on again, and execute those decisions. Can you do that in Dawn of War? It really feels much too hyper. After the fantastic intro movies, I had the impression that this game would have stupendous graphics. Don't get me wrong, the resolution and detail aren't bad. It's just that there is almost no difference between being zoomed all the way in, or zoomed all the way out. Zooming in won't take you close enough so you can tell which one of your units is armed with a specific weapon, for example. Zooming out won't give you a big enough picture of the map that you can really get any sort of mid-strategy feel. Yeah, there's the minimap, but it's not the same. I think the designers made extremely poor choices in this regard. But, I hope I'm mistaken. Maybe there ARE ways to zoom in and out on tighter and wider scales? What I'm comparing to is Empire that game you can go right down and count the nose hairs on a soldier if you want to. If you can't do THAT, how about this? Within a squad or other group, is it possible to paint the armor of an individual unit a different color? I couldn't care less about whether he is a Blood Raven, or a Dire Wolf, or any of that sort of cr*p. All I care about is, glance at the screen, see that I'm getting low on guys with yellow helmets, those are my snipers, so do I want to get more snipers quick, or not? See what I'm getting at? I'm never going to play online, only against the computer. * * *


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#2 14 years ago

Well this sounds like you should return the game. There are some things you should take into consideration: 1) This game is about fast "on your feet" battles were all hell breaks loose! If you are used to turn based stragity then this isn't for you. 2) The game was orginally made about 3 years ago so the graphics are not going to be top notch. When you turn on all of the graphic options to max and you do some game editing you can make this game look about 30% better. 3) About the camra view, you can hold down alt and move the mouse to get a 360 degree view. You can also select a squad of units and press the button left of enter to make the camra follow the unit. You can also book mark squads if you want too. 4) This game can be picked up and played but you are not going to be good at all for at least 3 or 4 mouths. Keep that in-mind. 5) Another thing is that unless you are into the Warhammer 40k universe then this game won't be nearly as good. That is a major fact to the game. 6) This game is also all about mods. Download the Dawn of Skirmish mod, the Heros Role Playing mod ( with some work you can make it work for Dark Crusade if thats what you have ), and maybe a mod like the Steel Legion mod if you have Winter Assault. These increase the game tenfold. Assumeing you read all of this and you are willing to give these steps a try then you can look at the links and info I am providing. Here is how to increase the graphics in this game. WARNING THIS WILL CAUSE EXTREME LAG IF YOUR PC ISN"T UP TO SNUFF forcehighpoly If you have a fast video card, you should try using the -forcehighpoly command line parameter. 1280x1024 32bit color with this option on makes Dawn of War look even more magnificent! Edit your Dawn of War Windows shortcut to look like this: "C:\DATA\GAM\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DarkCrusade.exe" -forcehighpoly

fullres_teamcolor The local.ini file is located in your Dawn of War base directory. Edit this file, and add the line: fullres_teamcolor=1 This will further improve the detail level of the units. Please note that unless your computer is equipped with a fast video card you may experience a very large performance hit.

Here is a screen shot comparasion. dow_gfx_b4_after.jpg

That is with the things above on. Now you can find Dawn of Skirmish at this site and Heros Rolplaying here too. I suggest giving these forums a visit so you can get more info about the game. Also be sure to check out custom badges and banners from the links on this site. Go to for skins for units! Now here is where you can start you long and argudous journey in understanding the story and universe of Warhammer 40k. Now that was a lot of typing and I hope that you use this or anyother newcommer to DoW. Take it from here administraitors!


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#3 14 years ago

As for individual units looking different, you can get skins, but then they have to be a separate unit.