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#11 14 years ago

Actually it was a rhetorical question. It does say however in the game handbook The Leman Russ is the Imperiums most formidable weapon, and easily the most powerful weapon in the game. I know nothing else about the Warhammer universe except what is in the game. My main question was what diffuculty setting does it take before the enemy would build and unleash Squiggys etc.? And why is the AI so hit and miss on how it reacts.? Sometimes I'm fighting for my life and other times it's a cakewalk. When it works.. it works good... Several pronged attacks with artillary and rocket support. Man are those fun! Yet other times..it's just a piddiling infantry assualt ....almost like a zergling rush. I'm talking about the whole game( skirmish) and not just one attack. Since I don't play online..skirmish is all I have, and all I play is SM( I do have broadband..I just have no intrest in online play..MMO's included) Sorry I wasn't clearer...


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#12 14 years ago

if you play standard & QS i bet you'll get a Squiggoth in front of your base after 2-3 successfully repelled assaults (and no counterattack); like Chipmunk said.

I'd suggest you play online Comp Stomp games: Players vs Comps, this way you won't have to worry about teammate comps preventing an ennemy comp from spending his ressources on development. Skirmish is boring, Comp Stomp is more interesting cause you often don't know if you can rely on your teammates or not ^^.

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