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#1 16 years ago

Is There Any one willing to teach me how to play the game ? i am ok but i would like to be better. Is there any certain build order i am an experienced warcraft 3 player so im not a complete noob some help cheers snyper.


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#2 16 years ago

Sure. But it depends on what race you play. Seeing as I only play Space Marines (Okay... I may have dabbled in Chaos once.. but everyone expirements, yah?)

Anyway, this is a good beginning strategy, you can modify it to taste:

Select servito, begin building chapel-barracks.

Select Fortress and build two more servitors, and cheque up a scout squad.

When each servitor appears immediatly assign him to Help the first servito build the Chapel-Barracks

Just before you finish building the chapel barracks you should recieve your scout squad, DO NOT reinforce them, just send them to the nearest Strategic point, and begin to capture it.

As they run off, your chapel-barracks should be done. Build two Marine Squads. While you wait for them, assign all three servy's to make an armory.

Once your scouts capture the SP, have them keep going for another one, but be careful that you don't send them too far away from your base, you'll need them, as the opponent will probaly have stupidly sent over cultists/Guardians/choppa's. You're scouts can barely manage cultists, but Guardians and Choppa's are too much.

Luckily, you've built those marines, send them out to defend the perimeter, i.e. the EDGE of your base closest to the enemy.

If your armory is done, give you scout marine squad two flamers, and give your SM's Heavy bolters, also, if you have the cash, get Scout Infiltration, especially if You're fighting off Eldar.

Reinforce your Space marines as much as possible, while you send your scouts to continue taking SP's. Hvae All three servy's build listening posts on all your SP's. You have no idea how important this is.

After that, start building Plasma generators as soon as you get the cash.

and Viola, you have a fully functional, easily-defended base. Don't ruin it.

Also, i'd reccomend everyone to stop help guides at this stage, so that people learn to play for themselves.


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#3 16 years ago

Check out some of the tutorials and strategies on my website, they might give you a hand, there is a really good space marines guide in there. plug>


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#4 16 years ago

Some feedback, TigerWolf, if I may;

Preventing people from accessing key features will not generate more traffic or gain you members. People will simply look elsewhere.

Good luck with the site. :thumbsup:

Regarding build orders, I'm a Marine player.

I'll start by training two Scout Squads and an additional Servitor.

Send the Scouts out to capture Strategic Points. You can use them to cover each other, but don't bother reinforcing them. If they survive, you can do so later.

Build a Chapel Barracks as your first structure and immediately train a Tactical Squad.

There are usually two or more SPs close to your base and you should assign the Servitors to building listening posts on these as soon as they are captured.

I always find it is best to reinforce the first Marine squad to full before constructing another. Be aggresive in your defence and move them to defend the Scouts who are capturing SPs.

The aim is to get as many SPs & Relics in the shortest time possible as without them, you are truly fucked in the ass.

Build an Armoury with one Servitor whilst the second accompanies the Marines & Scouts in capturing SPs.

Once the Armoury is built build one Power Plant as you'll need the power for upgrading your units, they are not needed for initial reinforcements.

Get a second squad underway and as soon as you have enough resources, upgrade the Stronghold to a Monestary. This will give you access to Sergeants (get them) and Missile Launchers (I find that 2 Heavy Bolters & 2 Missile Launchers is the definitive weapon set up for a Tactical Squad).

I tend to have at least 3 Tactical Squads before even considering building a Machine Cult. You need shit loads of power, so ensure you build power stations before the Machine Cult. It's useless without power, so pointless to build early.

The only deviance to this strategy is if I can fnd a local Slag Deposit, in which case I'll take a chance on grabbing it with a Thermal Generator early on.


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#5 16 years ago

Why flamers for the scouts instead of sniper rifles (i love em)?

Also... i realize this is way off topic... but isnt it odd how Tartarus is the name of the planet in DoW, yet is also the name of the Brute leader in Halo 2?