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#1 13 years ago

hi there...

i'm a newbie to Dow and would like to give the game a try. i've heard lots of great things about this game.. and would like to covert from warcraft 3 to dow universe. warcraft 3 has been disappointing lately.. and DoW looks to renews my spark in RTS much the way Starcraft did.

my cousin of mine has the game in chinese but i would like the play the game in english (can't read it)

i modified the .ini file to set the language to english but i am missing the files in w40k\locale\english folder.. specifically the w40k.ucs and w40kdataloc.sqa files. i have the big speech file.

as well, i am also missing the files in engine\locale\english: engine.ucs and enginloc.sqa.

i was wondering if someone can zip up these files and post it. i have the chinese equivalent if need them.

greatly appreciated it.