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#1 13 years ago

Ok, I don't really have a gameplay questions (yet).

I was wondering if anyone knows how to edit the name of a paint scheme AFTER you have already finished and saved it. I would also like to know if anyone knows how to get the different schemes to show up alphabetically in the "Select Army" bar of the Army Painter screen. (It may not seem like a big problem If you are only using the Default Schemes but when you've got 100+ army schemes to sift through it becomes a somewhat time consuming process to find a specific army.)

Also on a side note, can anyone tell me how to change the names of the maps as they are displayed on the selection screen in skirmish mode? Some of my maps don't have icons displayed for them on the selection screen either, is there a surefire way of getting the icons to show up there?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with my organizational woes. :bows:


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#2 13 years ago

yep iv got my Badges, Banners & Schemes under my W40K/Art Folder not in my root DoW Folder, extract the W40Kdata .SGA file in to W40K/data that will give you all the folders in perfect order (if ya low on disk space or mem delete the files & folders you dont need) and you can get your new schemes from profile/profile(1)/%mod folder%/schemes just change the file name to the same name as you called it in army painter (.teamcolor) and stick it in the schemes folder in W40K/data/art/schemes/%army folder%. also move the badges & banners first then make the scheme in the army painter save it goto the profile folder change the name move it to the W40k//scheme folder, cos makeing the scheme and then moveing the badges & banners will brake the all the badges & banners for your newly made schemes. i hope this helps if you still cant work it out send me a message and i ill send you the way iv set up my file tree with a bit more info. (but eye of chaos only im not doin this for all who must know)

as for ya maps load up the map in Q? in the mission editor and do in there (but it will brake any online games with that map), the icons are a pain in ass and my fingers are getin sore.