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10th September 2005

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#1 14 years ago

As the title says, i was SEVERLY dissapointed with the campaign, any half decent game owners will know that a good campaign is warcraft 3 and age of mythology, relic seem to think that 10 missions that are in no way linked to the previous game, no character developement, no atmosphere or unit introduction, no in depth twists ot FMV clips, just a waste of time to see 2 different necron untits that you cant even play as! When winter assualt was in developement relic were all saying 'our last game was good, but the single player campaign was not up to out high standards' If anything the last campaign at least had character developement and a serious plot, a good atmosphere although it was obvioulsy starved of completion and effort. I know the multiplayeris good, but it has changed nothing for the gameplay and i am still bitter over the obvious races which excell, there is no point in playing with eldar anymore, what is the point in making a game that unbalanced. rant not nearly over but im sure no one will be bothered to read beyond this point, so replys, comments and views appriciated. :beer:


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4th October 2005

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#2 14 years ago

I thought the campaign was ok, even if a bit short, but it was an expansion so you can't expect too much. I agree that eldar are unbalanced :(, Though at least we have the Imperials to play with, and watching many little humans overwhelm a squad, or two of chaos, or orks troops is fun to watch :runaway: well thats just my opinion :rolleyes:


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#3 14 years ago

I thought the campaign was pretty good, the only problem I had with it was all the basebuilding and not enough fighting. I liked the Warcraft 3 campaign missions where you just had some guys and you had to do something; you didn't have to build a base. For example, the undead chapter where you have to find the acolytes in hiding has to be one of my favorites. You actually get to really use your hero there, too.