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#1 12 years ago

hi there,my names chris and im a newbie here.i have dark crusade and soulstorm and in my opinion,they are the best games i have for my pc.

i have a quick question for you fella's and that is..

which chaos map(s) would you consider the best and weirdest ones??

i have the inquisition expansion and i like the one by jaguar lord that comes with it and im after maps like that.

i dont know who plays the real warhammer game's,i dont but i had a look at the website of games workshop and i saw an article on making tabletop maps for chaos and i came across this

GW Online : Warhammer 40,000 : Chaos Space Marines : Making Daemon World Terrain

just click on the 4 chaos icons at the bottom,those are the kinds of things im looking for.

thanks in advance


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#2 12 years ago

JL makes the some greatest if not the best chaos themed maps. I have some i am hogging (or haven't released yet chaos isn't my forte ). Also fuggles made some pretty interesting chaos maps...

You can go to my site and look at a nurgle themed map i made. I can't let anyone DL it since i used JL's textures with out his ok (he never release his textures for us to use) Kendall2000 | Modding Page