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24th July 2008

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#161 11 years ago

@Darth taxi:

Thats a good example:

The roman empire would wipe the floor with the feudal lords because during the medieval period the land was too divided and fighting in the middle ages was very unorganized.

Also consider that even though medieval armies have better technology the roman armies have much more sophisticated tactics and discipline. And consider the roman empire spanned almost all across europe in a somewhat united banner. Unlike medieval times where there were civil wars happening every other week.

Oh and roman armies were very large compared to an actual medieval "army" comprised usually of 100-200 men as opposed to the 700-1000 armies romans fielded

But that example is poor for WH vs SW.

In warhammer all armies with the exception of chaos and tyranids are all structured and mostly united. The imperium spans across billions of planets.

In star wars the only formal army there is, as far as most recent in star wars history was the empire and the new republic armies.

@ the statement of fanboy

Hmm long long time ago in a galaxy far away - star wars

41st millenium - WH:40k

Space marines are genetically enhanced, has power armor that can whitstand multiple hits from missiles (bolters) and carries a missile machine gun. Space marine is larger than a human. Can recover from grivious wounds in battle and continue fighting. They are uncorruptable by mortals and only chaos gods can corrupt them......rarely. Space marines represent the "perfection" of man.

Stormtrooper is a poorly trained easily corrupted person. They cannot take a single hit to the chest by a lasgun, carries a lasgun, has almost no actual tactics, their best land vehicleS (AT-AT) gets blown to pieces by a few shots from a snowspeeder. Their best space vehicle (SSD) gets blown to pieces by a bunch of outdated fighters.

How can you possibly say I am a fanboy?


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18th June 2008

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#162 11 years ago
Ronald_Jesch;4739842I think everyone is missing the point that it's highly dependent on the setting. In the Star Wars universe there is no warp, so pyskers would be a fart in a skillet. However in the W40K universe there is, completely changing the ball game.

you cant say theres no warp, in sw they basically travel the same way necrons due, they could have just not discovered it yet, if you fight both universes, you have to combine both, space travel for sw is faster, but there ships cant stand a chance vs warhammer ships.

i say someone should make a mod of this, its worth a try ^^ basically reskin guard and give them worse guns armour and vehicles XD