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4th May 2007

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#21 12 years ago

Favorite Weapon: Staff of Light Power: Mass Resurection Favorite Unit: Baneblade, with the Monolith in a close 2nd Favorite Race: Space Marines, with Guard and Necrons tied for 2nd I would like to say that all of the voices in DoW were on the spot, save for Crull from WA and Thule from DC. Crull sounded like a caveman and I just wanted to kick Thule in the head. Monotone voices work for Eldar, not Space Marines, show some enthusisam damnit! The Chaplain and the Strunn from WA also bugged me a bit. Aside from that the voices were good, with Sindri, Isador, and Gorgutz being the best, in my most humble opinion.


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#22 12 years ago
AzH;1481369favourite power weapon would be, um, The Wailing Doom. used only by The Avatar Of The Bloody Handed God, Kaela Mensha Khaine (geek alert ;) )...

So if that makes him a geek, what does it make me if I say he's spelt it wrong? ;) (It's Khaela Mensha Khaine)

Anyway... I supposed I'd best answer the question. Favourite weapon: the railgun. Ah, the vehicle-busting splendour. Favourite power weapon: Lightning claw (as only seen in a couple of mods so far) or Nemesis Force Halberd (grey knight weapon). Favourite unit: the Hammerhead. Sleek, sci-fi, and boasting more firepower than a bucketful of Space Marines (well, maybe not, but you get the idea). Favourite race: the Tau Empire! Ko'vash Shi! Ko'vash Tau'va!

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29th January 2007

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#23 12 years ago

Favorite Weapon: Kiss Power: . . . Dance Favorite Unit: Harlequin Favorite Race: eldar Favorite armor: holo suit

Somewhat biased eh ? :)

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26th January 2006

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#24 12 years ago

Weapon: Particle whip (big crater maker on the monolith) Power weapon: Witch blade Unit: seer council Race: Eldar, orks (for comic effect) and sm



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14th February 2007

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#25 12 years ago

Favorite Weapon: Hellgun (standard issue Kaskrin weapon) Power: Strafing run Favorite unit: Kaskrin Squad Favorite power weapon: power fist Favorite Race: Imperial Guard of course!! I play it on table top and on the comp

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7th April 2007

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#26 12 years ago

Coming from a person who only played the demos(full game will take a few more days to get here)

Best race: SM. IG and Tau are demonstrated quite badly in the demo. Best weapon: The hammer used by force commander. There's something about smashing people halfway across the map. Best power weapon: Whats a power weapon? Best unit: Drednought. Only way to take on that big thing in the DoW demo.

About the voices. I don't like the commisar dudes from the IG. They are supposed to be fearless warriors but they sound more like somebody who is used to a desk job.


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12th December 2006

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#27 12 years ago

fav weapon: sniper rifle of the assassin fav power weapon: crozius acrium fav unit: chaplin cos he looks kool and is uber powerfull fav veichle: monolith coz it rocks and can make more units on the go fav power: orbital bombardment (owned mofo) fav race: ether necron or space marines