am i stupid for using the apothocary? -1 reply

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17th August 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Well for the entire time i've been playing DOW II. i have only used the space marines apothocary. mainly because i want to be a little different from all those bubble boy commanders out there... But i think im just playing as a retard, or im not fully utilizing my apothocary to his full extent. its like this since the apothocary is meant for support and shouldnt be on the front lines a lot, i just cant help but to force him out there when the first match, my tacs are being bum rushed by a commander or warlock. so he's forced to attack and 90% of the time. my apothocary goes down. i try to give him a more of survivng/support role. i give him the power axe to drain energy, AOA so he can revive if he goes down, and the apothocary tools for extra healing. But as the game progress, i barely even use the guy because even with all the upgrades, he still goes down. and i just have too many things going on for him to use his stim packs effectively. what with me having to heal himself as well as healing one other squad. So am i using him the wrong way, or should i just stop using him all togethor and go with the techie or FC?

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29th January 2007

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#2 11 years ago

The apothecarry is arguably the most potent marine hero and there's a possibility he's the strongest hero after the nid ones.

There's a couple of wargears you really need as the apothecary - a) armor of the apothecarion for the mass heal b) advanced medical equipment for infinite mass heal more or less

Marines are already hard to kill and when played correctly with the apo, you can have zero losses.

Keep in mind that at first the apothecary is just a stop gag and doesn't requite any wargear till t2. Generally what most people do, is get two tac squads, upgrade a genartor spot, t2, AOA, 1 plasma, 1 missile, begin assembling tacmass of doom.

There's a few things to remember in each matchup. marine mirror - if playing against anything but an apo, you will be pushed back at first. Use the heal to ensure you don't loose a single tac squad member, retreat often etc. Just don't have any losses. And as is typical in marine mirrrors - kill the squad you actually can - scouts. Once t2 hits, there's basically nothing at all they can do against you. Because you will have AOA. He jumps you with assaults - AOA - you kill them he begins to shoot you - AoA once the damage to a member get's close to him dieing. ETC Also you have angels of death - ignore all other zeal abilites. Just remember to protect your apo.

Against eldar - you're for a walk in the park (I'd know I play eldar) a) No eldar hero can outmelee a tac squad without wargear b) The eldars most potent weapon - grenades are useless if you keep an eye out. A few problems might be fortuned shees - but you ought to have 2 squads. So still okay. Just again keep in mind to not have any losses. You need to kill 4 guardians to make it roughly the same price as 1 tac member. Also remember to always blob in t2 with AOA 2 emboldened guardian squads will trash a plasma equiped tac squad.

Orks - keep preparing to be running away often in t1. That's the orks strongest tier. Once in t2 with AOA there's again not much the ork can do. Although it might be good to have one flamer squad instead of the first plasma

Nids - well everyone's favorite race. Again you need t2 and plasmas to kill warriors (might be good to get a flamer later on against rippers and an aproaching nid hoard) It's important to keep your apo in the back to protect him from lictor tongues. And again AoA>all

Might be good to get the knockback bolter for him though later on against nids. To deal with VC spam and the like.

Keep in mind that one plasma shot (from the tac squad) deal roughly 1/2 the hp of a warrior. And warrior blow up if they die, disrupting the ranged hoard.