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#1 10 years ago

Come Brothers and Sisters! Flock to thine game store and buy thee very own copy of Warhammer Dawn of War 2 The Emperor demands this. Who here is hyped that the DOW 2 is now out!!!!

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#2 10 years ago

I already outplayed the beta so I'm not overlyhyped for it. But still hyped.

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#3 10 years ago

waiting for day zero patch and overall patching support before I make my decision

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#4 10 years ago

From what I hear the patch is already out...However I'm pissed that Ebgames hasn't phone me for my copy I pre-ordered! The following are the patch notes and version information for Dawn of War II...

(These notes are for the first retail patch for DOW II)

=========================== Patch 1.1.0 ===========================


• Fixed a bug where Tyranid units were not "speaking." • Missing button audio added to Player Stats screen under Game History. • Added a countdown sound to the post-game stats screen.


• Fixed a bug that caused invisible Tyrannoformation. • Fixed a bug where walker units would shuffle their feet quickly when moving. • Fixed visual bugs with burrowed units. • Fixed visual problems on ATI X1800 series cards. • Eldar web gate ambient effects now show upon spawning of the unit. • Fixed a bug where FX didn't display on Geforce 6800 cards.

PvP Gameplay

• Added two new maps to PvP automatch rotation. • Fixed a bug where ability effects were permanent on burrowed units. • Fixed several population capacity bugs. • Fixed problem with retreating to allied HQ when player's HQ is destroyed. • Fixed attack ground to allow firing into the Fog of War. • Prevented Waaagh/Zeal/Biomass/Psychic might "double dipping" when own units are killed by friendly fire, and remove reward for allied friendly fire. • Prevented non-attacking commanders from getting a share of XP for incomplete construction. • Added cool down timers to construction abilities. • Prevented anti-suppression from being modified into the positive. • Prevented area of effect suppression originating from target entities inside of buildings from spreading to units outside a building. • Fixed a bug where units that had been completely replaced via reinforcement would lose their control groups. • Removed Ravener tunnel impass to prevent several blocking exploits. • Resource rates are now reduced depending on game size. • Requisition points now increase by +5 requisition every 20 seconds (up from 15), up to a maximum of +30 (down from 35). • Fixed an issue with grenades not harming the squad that throws them. • Increased the suppression and damage on suppression weapons at distant range. • Fixed an issue with the Apothecary's Heal ability that prevented it from properly healing infantry. • Reduced damage of Kommando hero's Remote Bomb against HQ's. • Kommando hero's Kaboom! now properly deals 500 damage to the Kommando, but does not kill him. • Tyranid Warrior Adrenal Gland melee damage reduced to 52, from 60. • Reduced firing rate of Hive Tyrant Venom Cannon to match the other versions. Damage reduced to 60, from 85. Area of effect damage modifier reduced at outermost radius to 0.3, from 0.4. • Spore Mine blast radius increased to 10, from 8. • Increased accuracy of small arms against Ripper Swarm to 0.3, from 0.2. • Ripper Swarm cost increased to 240, from 200.

In-game HUD and UI fixes

• Fixed a bug where world text on a building would change color to Red when garrisoned by an enemy even though it was hidden by Fog of War. • Fixed a bug where the UI failed to update with Squad Leader upgrade if a previously purchased leader died while the squad was selected. • Fixed a bug where parts of tech tree panel remained visible after destroying your base, and would overlap unit UI. • Fixed a bug where the build queue would hang around in an inactive state until if the base was destroyed during unit construction. • Fixed a bug where the Commander Wargear panel would disappear after destroying the base, even though it's still valid to build wargear. • Fixed a bug where targeting reticules would reveal if a building in the FoW was occupied. • Added support for Relic and Games Workshop employee Gamertags. Watch for our custom chapters online! • Fixed a bug where Eldar webway gates would appear as Ravener tunnels on the minimap when you were using Tyranids, and Ravener tunnels would appear as webway gates when you were using Eldar. • Simultaneously pressing shift and squad hotkey now allows for adding to current selection. • Fixed visual bugs with the global build buttons. • Changed ork abilities that have a per entity cost to properly display their cost in the ui (based on the number of entities in the squad.) • Fixed a bug with wargear button state switching.

Kicking Players

• Changed the kick-vote screen; removed the confirmation prompt, removed ability to abstain, added display of number of lag complaints.

AI Players

• Fixed AI Dreadnought combat vs buildings. • CPU players now have a number associated with their names. • The AI no longer considers unconscious hero a military target.

Ranking and Online Stats

• Fixed how Leaderboards are sorted. • Fixed matchmaking. TrueSkill™ rank should properly be updated in TeamBattle games, and stats should be more reliable when being recorded. • Fixed an issue where the leaderboard screen wasn't sorting data properly when using the friends filter. • Fixed a problem where unit score doesn't reflect appropriately in the post-game score.

Custom Games

• Fixed an issue where games would not get cleared properly from the public games screen. • Victory Point Control load screen tips will no longer show up if the Annihilate win condition is chosen. • Fixed a bug where the Hero Select screen wasn't remembering the correct heroes when assigning players between multiple open slots. • Rank point bar, level, and title are no longer displayed in the post game stats screen in unranked games.

Find a Game

• Added the ability to kick people from a party. • Added countdown information to the hero selection screen. • Fixed a bug where a player's visual MP rank unlocks were incorrectly displayed in the select hero screen. • Fixed a bug where the rank in the party panel was always the Space Marines rank no matter what race was selected. • Post Game advancement countdown no longer occurs unless the user is in a party. • Matchmaking now has a preference for lower pings. • Fixed a bug where it was possible for players with different data to end up matched together.


• Scaleform IME is now supported for Traditional Chinese. • Fixed a bug where event updates were displayed in the host's language when viewing the events prior to the client joining the game session in the Event Log from the Battle Barge. • Fixed a bug on Debriefing screen where French wasn't fitting in the available space. • Polish Readme now displays in proper language.


• Fixed a rare multi-threading crash involving co-op synchronization. • Fix for a crash that occured when you tried to cancel a base upgrade after the base had been destroyed. • Many memory fragmentation improvements, which should alleviate a number of out of memory crashes. • Fixed a bug where the game could crash after viewing a completed campaign, deleting it, and then backing out to the main menu. • Settings that were invalid in the UI could still occur if set manually in configuration.lua, now the settings are validated in the same way as the options menu UI. • Fixed a crash when client accepts Co-Op game invitation on Game List Screen. • Fixed a bug where the game freezes on Main Menu when player signout from the Windows Live Profile on the confirmation message of Save and Exit to Window from the Battle Barge. • Fixed a bug where the game crashed to desktop when a user clicked on Invite Friend after unplugging their LAN cable on delete a Campaign window. • Fixed a crash that would occur when people ranked up to level 60. • Fixed a multithreading crash in the UI on game exit. • Reduced the frequency of checking Steam authentication - it was causing users who momentarily lost their connection to Steam to be ejected from a game in progress. • Fixed a deadlock that could occur in low latency situations.


• Fixed a bug where it was possible to grant achievements to players that hadn't rightfully earned them.


• Added a "Squad Summary" screen to the mission debrief. • Fixed a bug where the cursor disappeared after inviting a client to the game, and then declining the request once he accepts. • Fixed a bug where the host loses his mouse after kicking a client during an NIS. • Finishing the campaign no longer removes the save game from the final mission. • Fixed an inverted badge on a piece of campaign wargear. • Fixed a bug where global abilities replenished when the client dropped.

Army Painter

• colors with high specular values will now have a more accurate swatch color in the Army Painter. • Fix issue with DLC badges being visible when they weren't supposed to be.


• Fixed a bug where replay speed would display incorrectly during game replays. • Added a button on the replay widget to hide the UI. • A message is now shown to notify the user that the replay has ended. • Squad tabs in replays now show up when switching perspectives and always load the first two units when the replay starts. • Upgrade button panel now doesn't show up in replays • Hitting continue after exiting from a replay now takes you back to the Game History screen. • Created units in replay now use the correct team color badge that the player started with

Front End

• Added a News Tab to the title screen • Updated the Post-game stats screen • Fixed incorrect icon in Jump load screen tip. • Made layout changes to Leaderboards screen • Made layout changes to Game History screen


• Fix for mouse pointer getting stuck in the middle of the screen if you press the home key while simultaneously holding mouse left. • Fixed a bug where multiple message boxes popped up when the host would disconnect. • We now properly shut down the game when the OS switches users. • Added functionality to allow changing the automatch map list without invalidating replays. • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor was frozen to centre of screen if user alt-tabbed at the victory/defeat screen in a ranked match, and didn't alt-tab back into the game until he'd been sent back to the front end. • Added -noReverb commandline flag to disable convolution reverb. • Added a "-disablepagefilecheck" command line switch so users can elect to try and run the game without a swap file. • Added a "-disable32bitcheck" command line switch to allow 32bit users to run with Ultra textures.


• Fixed a bug where performance suffered when Steam community was disabed. • Disabled v-sync by default to prevent performance problems on certain computers.

============================== / end of notes for Patch 1.1.0 ==============================

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