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20th April 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Is it just me or are some features missing in DOW2?... For example, in a gamplay vid, the bridge collapsed with the assault marines jumping off, well its kinda odd coz I tried to throw a couple of detpacks on the bridge and nothing. Are there other missing features out there?..

Like the one when they said you could name EVERY marine.

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28th January 2007

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#2 11 years ago

For a developer vision of dawn of war 2 I recommend you look at this. It's merely an animation one in house by relic (no game engine)

Though it's clearly a different game. Though the story with the bridge is a tad different. It was actually in game I believe, but the bridge collapse as well as a number of other little features were usually quite broken.

For instance just the fact that marines have a jumper in t1 as opposed to let's say the eldar more or less means that it would be impossible to have this in MP.