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8th March 2002

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#1 15 years ago

If you could have a game designed to your own specification, what would it be?

Remember Elite: Frontier? Well mine would be a vastly upgraded version of that.

It would be multiplayer, but you would start the game without a ship. You would gain money and respect by hiring yourself out to other players or AI controlled vessels. Possibly manning a gun on a cruiser. When you can afford it you can by a small ship and ply your trade.

Each server the game was played on would be a seperate solar system, and if you wanted to fly to a new solar system (server) you wouyld be able to (provided it wasn't full - the game would prompt you with an imaginative reason for not being able to go to that system if the server was full)

Your status would be saved provided you make it to a spaceport and you could then resume your career at a later date.

When you land on a planet and leave your ship the game would become a 1st person shooter type game. So you could earn money that way too as an assassin maybe.

The single player game would be for training purposes. Learn to fly, man guns etc

Well I can dream....