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#1 16 years ago
Originally posted by filejune Raiden is back, find a way to permanitly ban him.

so what?? what did i ever do you you??? i see what you are doing here trying to befrend them to get your rank up ---------------------------- wolf said do u know we have your ip

yes i do know you have my ip and i also know you did not ban me by it!!!!!!! all i need to do is use a dsifferent broswre and then i have a different ip ------------------- so unbreakble and pro-filter how the e-mail latley any spam



(o btw i know that this name is going to be banned but i will make another and so on you can't stop me)

also as sodar71@hotmail what happen to his e-mail accout a while back yes i did hack it and gave it back so plese don't fuck with me want prof of it e-mail him!