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Giovanni Fascisti

Deus vult!

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1st September 2003

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#181 17 years ago

I’m listening to some very diverse music at the moment,

:deal: ‘Godspeed You! Black Emperor’ ‘Saturnus’ ‘Natacha Atlas’ ‘Hedningarna’ ‘Hagalaz Runedance’ ‘Vikinga Seídur’

I'll spare you for the rest.

Regards, Giovanni


Pro-Filer thinks I'm cool!!

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28th April 2003

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#182 17 years ago

at the moment of typing this im listening to guns & roses. so there.

ps. ive got tickets for iron madion on the 16th at birmingham in the uk.


DC2002 A.K.A Vassili[IL]-GG-

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9th February 2003

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#183 17 years ago

Well, I like Linkin park's new songs, I like rap, raigai, trance, dance, (DJ tiesto, etc.)


see also: heretic

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20th June 2003

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#184 17 years ago

LOL can't spell crap without rap :)

Anyone heard of a band called Jacknife? if not find my thread now!



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18th August 2003

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#185 17 years ago

This week I am mostly listening to:

The Beta Band The Clash The Undertones 2 Many DJs Stevie Wonder Electric Six The Pixies The Bloodhound Gang The Vandals The Specials Madness Matthew Good Band Blondie King Prawn


Regular Joe

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1st October 2003

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#186 17 years ago

I think that there's something good in every song made but my fav's are these:

Weezer (best band of the universe :rock: ) Nirvana :thumbsup: Rage Against The Machine :stallard: Korn Public Enemy Lenny Kravitz Manic Street Preachers Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds My Dying Bride P.O.D Kosheen The Cranberries Ash Metallica System Of A Down Rammstein Kamelot Alice In Chains Faith No More :rock: Zen Café

And I like irish folk too :)