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23rd January 2000

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#21 15 years ago

Some of the professors at my university are doing a study to determine weither or not Duckburg has a sky, and where Donalds genitals are. If I find the paper, Ill post more.

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#22 15 years ago
are you a soph in house school? guessing by your age. if so then kids are morons in your school

A soph in house school? :uhm: Anyway, in there defence, there not too bad as far as personality ect. go and stuff, there just not exactly the sharpest set of knives in the draw :p

In my biology class, someone was asked the atomic number of calcium, to which he responed..............aluminum

Thats...also odd. I dont think even some of the people i know would make that mistake, since when was Aluminum a number :uhm:

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