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12th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

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Seeing as this is the general section and all.... Hi there... just dropped by to let you all know about a fairly new and amazing place to chat.. it's called Voodoo Chat. And yeah it's FREE Click here to check out VoodooChat.com Voodoo can let you all sit in the same "room" and chat with your friends.. there are games you can play together.. you are represented by an Avatar that can be any size up to 250 by 250 can be transparent, can be animated.. and best of all IT'S FREE!! You can make your own "rooms" and make them private so only those who know the password can join.. or come and check out the existing rooms.. You can make any page on the web your 'room' background.. have this forum as your background if you want. Want to voice chat with a friend?.. You can do that too! Games? We have them, and making more all the time.. do you know how to code? GREAT! you can create your own games and offer them for everyone to play...the source to interactive games with voodoo is available. Voodoo blows IRC out of the water.. knocks the palace off it's feet, .. excite super chat.. HA! doesn't compare.. java chats??!.. please.. don't even. Ok, Ok.. you don't have to believe me.. check it out for yourself, or do a google search on voodoochat. Why am I going to all this trouble? Because I want Voodoo to thrive.. and I run one of the servers there.. called.. Kare's Voodoo Avs. click here to check out the 'AVATARS' you can use in Voodoo. Hope you come and see for yourselves.. it really is a great place to chat. :-D

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#2 17 years ago

Ok ok, theres this like, really cool forums called Gamingforums, and we dont like fucktards who advertise themselves really badly, and ok ok, you dont have to beleve me, but wach this:

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