What sports do you people do? (if none put "none") -1 reply

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10th January 2004

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#181 15 years ago

Yeah I see that! Wow, you were catching some major air dude! :thumbsup: awsome :cool:


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3rd January 2004

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#182 15 years ago

yeah it just looks funny, as if you stood on the hill got the angle perfect and then took the photo. i am not critisizing you i just thought it looks that way, i am sure that if i took a photo of me in the air, it would come out like dat,


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#183 14 years ago

I used to play football at my old highschool, but at my new one there wasn't a football team, here is where I discovered my favorit sport... rugby. For all you people who don't live in Canada (where I live) or select parts of Europe, or if you're just some average guy from the states who still doesn't know what it is. Rugby aside from being the coolest sport in the world for very pain tolerant people (like me) is like football, but you can only pass sideways or backwards, and you can pass even after you start running, and best of all, there is no pads!!! so when you smash into someone you can actually feal there bones breaking some times HOW COOL IS THAT? :D


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31st December 2003

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#184 14 years ago
IcantbelieveitFor all you people who don't live in Canada

even if they had lived in canada, I doubt they'll ever read this.

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19th January 2004

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#185 14 years ago

Only 9 months old?

Icantbelieveit. :cort: