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[4/12 FFR] YoYo

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7th January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hi, I’m YoYo from the [4/12 FFR] (4/12 Frontier Force Regiment). we are proud to announce we are currently recruiting again and are looking for DEDICATED, reliable, and friendly top-notch players over the age of 17 to join us. The [4/12 FFR] have a game server (IP address: ) as well as a great web site (www.412ffr.net). We are competing in the TWL 8v8 Conquest and 8v8 CTF ladder are doing fairly well. If you're interested in joining a strong, dedicated clan, go to the website, read the rules, fill out a New Recruits form and go through our recruiting process. Keep in mind, that in order to communicate with us, you must have an Instant Message program (MSN, AIM, Trillian, etc.), a voice chat program we use (TeamSpeak 2...found @ teamspeak.org), a microphone & of course, Road To Rome, all the latest patches and updates. To be chosen as an [4/12 FFR] member, you must show dedication, reliability, maturity, strong team play, communication skills, as well as GREAT game skills. Contact our recruiter at [email]MiSFiTIII@attbi.com[/email] with any questions, comments or concerns! Thanks, [4/12 FFR] YoYo