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13th July 2003

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Are you tired of joining public servers only to be team-killed, spawn camped or worse? Wish you were apart of a team environment where you can work with other people as a unit instead of individuals? Don't care about what your stats are as long as your team accomplishes the objective they've set out to do as a unit? Then the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment is what you are looking for! We are a dedicated group of Battlefield 1942 enthusiasts that love a challenge and always learn whether we win or lose.

You can find us by visiting our website @ www.412ffr.net. To play on our game server, you can connect to us by IP address The 4/12 FFR uses a voice chat program called TeamSpeak2, however, we do not give out that IP address until you've become a recruit. You can do that when you fill out the New Recruit form on our website. Please, serious inquiries only.

The 4/12 FFR is currently looking for skilled, experienced, dedicated players who have a great personality and love to have a good time while winning. If you're seriously interested and have the time and dedication it takes to become a full member of the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment, come by our site, take a look and sign up. See you on the Battlefield!