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17th March 2003

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Thank you for your interest in Eight Elite. Eight Elite is an online Battlefield 1942 clan. [8E] Is about the enjoyment of the game. We focus on teamwork, and fair play. [8E] Is based in the United States of America. We ask that all of its members speak English as one of their languages. [8E] Uses Team Speak, An online voice chat program to communicate during the game. Our clan website is being designed by [8E] RealFear. For more information about the clan or any of its members, email [email]ciw584@hotmail.com[/email],Dchrist@babykage.com. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the fallowing application and email it to the addresses above. Thank you for filling it out, it is appreciated.

First Name: Name in Game: Age: Where you live and what time zone: Computer speed: Connection speed: Could you host a server? How long have you been playing BF1942? How often do you play? What do you play as? (Pilot, assault etc) What other games do you play? Other clans you are in, or have been in. Why did you leave? If you have ICQ your #: If you have a zone account, your login: Do you have Team Speak? Little bit about yourself. Playing style? (Aggressive, cautious ETC.) Why do you think you would be a good addition to Eight Elite? Any questions you have about the clan, or its members? Any thing you would like to add? What is the one thing that bugs you most in the game? (Anything)