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12th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

AIrBoRnE Clan is now actively recruiting for the BattleField 1942 Division. We have approximately 20 positions open and are looking for some serious players to be Officers. We are seeking new members that are over the age of 18. The reason for this is that there is a server expense that we need to cover. We do accept exceptional players under 18 that want to be part of a military clan. For example; If you are under 18 , skilled, and consider yourself very mature for your age , please feel free to contact us. --==--==-- We are a Military based Community; consisting of over 200 members in our Community. Our leader [AIrBoRnE]_General_ is currently an Active Duty Infantry Soldier with the US Army. We do have several more members that are active military of somekind which really helps us be an organised and well focused clan. Once a player becomes a full member of [AIrBoRnE] , he will be assigned a rank and can progress through the ranks based on amount of activity, skill, and willingness. --==--==-- [AIrBoRnE] currently has a Dedicated TeamSpeak for Communication which always has 5+ members on it. Also under our belt is our own mIRC channel , Forum , and Webmail to keep in contact with each other. --==--==-- The AIrBoRnE Clan is based around the Army Airborne Corps. We believe in Honor, Duty, Respect, and Loyalty. --==--==-- Check us out at



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28th November 2003

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#2 14 years ago
Our leader [AIrBoRnE]_General_ is currently an Active Duty Infantry Soldier with the US Army.

but he was the one that started the thread lol :clap: i thought u guys didnt play much BF? just AA and DoD? :wave: have fun