Any one looking for a good clan in BFV look here -1 reply

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25th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

if you are looking for a clan, well [GRS] is looking for you we are a serious/social clan and we have alot of fun in our matches. if you are intrested fill out the form and send it to [email=""][/email] or you can hit me on msn at [email=""][/email] or on aol/aim at mannymix03 you can also just reply to this topic

[color=black]What you do (sniper.. etc):

[color=black]Aim/MSN/e-mail address (ONLY ME OR ANNADA WILL SEE THESE)-[/color]
[color=black]Experience (if any):[/color]
[color=black]computer speed:[/color]
[color=black]connection type (DSL... etc):[/color]
[color=black]Times you can play:[/color]
[color=black]Can you host?:[/color]
[color=black]Are you good at team work:[/color]
[color=black]2 sentences why we should pick you to be part of GRS:[/color]