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6th December 2003

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#1 17 years ago

hi, well, the {U.S.A.} is looking for some members who can be serious about leadership and game play... We have 4 companies open, Alpha-Armor, Bravo-Mechanized Infantry, Charlie- Air Corps, Delta- Special Ops

To be in Alpha, you must be specialized in armor M1A1 and M2A2 To be in Bravo, you must be specialized in the M2A2 and the M16A2, SAW, SMAW, Stinger, and Shotgun, either weapon you need to be specialized at To be in Charlie, you must be specialized in ASM missiles and AAM missiles (air to surface and air to air missiles) or must be specialized with unguided bombs, or for the Army Air Corps, you need to be specialized in AAM and ASM helicopter rockets/AP MG To be in Delta, you must specialize in M25, CAR-15, MP5, Grenades, M82, C4, K-Bar, Stinger...Basicly the "Elite" team

General: We have a 24 man server, a team speak server, we train tuesdays and sundays, we will accept any age, as long as you act "mature", if you wish to join, email me at [email][/email] and please visit our site ---Capital S, hope to see you guys soon!