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2nd July 2003

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#1 15 years ago

I am making a dc movie and in need of actors and someone to film it. my current actors ingame names are RED DRAGON,and pattrusafarr(I'm not sure if thats right or not.


The rythmic sound of the Black Hawk beated all around me, inside me. The whole Black Hawk was full. I sat in the back nervously waiting for a "Bail out!" scream from our pilot. We were crossing the water and approaching the village, suddenly a hail of bullets came upon us. A stinger from nowhere flew past and missed the back of the helicopter just barely. The player controlling the minigun seemed to be having a tough time, he sprayed his fire across all the map, yet I saw no kills appearing to the top left of my screen.


My screen had gone red for half a second and I noticed the chopper's damage was down to two bars.

"Bail out!"

The scream from the pilot I had been waiting for finally came. So I did, along with 3 more men. I pulled my chute and looked up towards the Black Hawk. The mini gun was still blazing and the pilot was trying desperately to turn the chopper around and back to base. No use. From the ground came one mpore stinger to the back of the Black Hawk, and there went the pilot and his side gunner.

I landed in the small market place with two of the survivors. The third one had been killed while in the air as I noticed his corpse slowly descending down towards the ground. Bullets still reined about us.I decided to follow the other two players and head towards the small building which stood by a command point. Running with the sounds of *pings* and my comrades *uUuH!* sounds as we ran. We quickly jumped over the sand bag walls infornt of the building next to the command point and began to belt gunfire back at them. Every now and then we would take cover behind the bags a cawl towards the ammo box.

"Weve got em' on the run!"

The sound was a releif. The command point we sat by had been taken. Still. Gunfire from the opposition hailed in on us. Men began to spawn, now there were five of us. For three or so minutes we seemed to have had enough, men spawned and died while we were still pinned down. One of my fellow players began yelling "Requesting a pick up!". I thought to myself, it was a great idea. Yet we got no reply. "Requesting a pick up!" "Requesting a pick up!" "Requesting a pick up!" "Requesting a pick up!" He flooded the top left of mine and out team's screen with this desperate call.

"Roger that!"

I checked my map and there it was. A single Black Hawk flashing yellow was approaching our possition. We needed to move to a more "safer" place for the heli to land or hover to pick us up. We picked ourselves up and pulled back behidn the building where there was plenty of space, at the same time throwing grenades and oulling our triggers. The heil was in sight! He swooped down slowly with his gunner, like any other spraying bullets at the enemy. I was in, and quickly the gray dots inside the Black Hawk icon became blue. The Hawk pulled up and drifted away from the gunfire and rockets fast. We escaped.

"We lost contact with an outpost!"

The command point had been claim back.

As we drifted away, not towards the sea but to the factory, once again a stinger slammed into us. The pilot didnt bother yelling the usual. He bailed along with the rest of us.


The helicopter thumped on thge ground, as a rain of men in parachutes slowly followed. I landed.

"Here we go again" One team talked to the rest of us. The credit for the story is not mine I'm not sure who wrote it.


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10th July 2003

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#2 15 years ago

yeah man i'll be in it, sounds like fun. my ingame name is Mighty Michu.


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28th January 2003

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#3 15 years ago

sure ill be in it my email is [email]mandown_2003@hotmail.com[/email]

im on vacation starting 2morrow so dont expect 2 hear from me 4 2 weeks. unless i find a comp in that time.

now i got 2 get dc again. t

this should be fun.

hope2hear from u

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15th July 2003

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#4 15 years ago

I don't know how good i'd be but i'll try it out My e-mail is [email]Suizidle@aol.com[/email] AIM:Psychochild6669

please contact me. But i am not getting home till wed. so