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18th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Frag Test Dummies recruiting - www.ftd.org.uk :smokin:

erm if ur interested then read our clan policy (front page on teh webbeh) we are a semi serious clan who enjoy GG's even when we don't win em BUT win em we shall!!!

we need a few more players to get things movin' so e mail me [email]jamie.york@btinternet.com[/email] or u could drop by on irc (quakenet) #ftd or #ftd.bf1942

we prac sundays 4pm ---> and tuesdays 8pm---->

we got a nice webby, a nice server, nice people(non of those big headed bumwipes u always bump into lol) and we've just joined a ladder so hurry up and join or we'll be a couple o'players short !!! :rock: