Expert Blackhawk/Apache Pilot looking for DC Clan... -1 reply

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Mr. Greg

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24th December 2001

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#1 17 years ago

I like to consider myself...well...l33t (hehe) in the air, especially with Helicopters. I can fly Blackhawk Taxi for long periods of time without crashing, or in an Apache doing multiple attacks.

I'm open for Tryouts most times of the day. Please send all inquiries to [email][/email]


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8th January 2003

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#2 17 years ago

Hey, I am with the 121st Fighting Hellfish. We are a clan that is about fun and not how good you are. We dont care if you join or your first day playing or if you are 1337. We play for fun. Check us out at


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29th August 2002

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#3 17 years ago


I am Hav, from the 15th Airborne Marine Division, or 15th Marines. We are a clan for Desert Combat, and are players like yourself. We currently have 4 people, and are looking for more. We have our own dedicated server, and a TeamSpeak 2 server. If you are interested, please email [email][/email]