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17th August 2003

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#1 15 years ago

:rock: :smokin: Klit clan is recruiting we have our own server ts and website are clan is in 2 games sof2 and bf i am a captain from bf we need to get atleast 16 members if u do good and show dedication uwill move up in ranks get admin for server and ts. we need players of all kinds plane flyers tank people snipers assualt if u are GOOD in a certain area let us know. everything is paid for the clan so no worry's about loseing the server or ts or the site members dont have to pay u can donate if u want to and can but u will not be expected to pay. if this sounds good to u and u love playing bf dc then either im me at d12shadytaco thats my aim s/n or go to the site www.the-klit.com or u can visit us on our ts or server at our site under the fourums it will tell u the ip for both we have to grant u voice on ts so ucan be heard. hope to get good people togther anyway we are trying to get enough for a ladder we will have practices also well drop a line or use the 3 methods i told u to get ahold of us. Also We are a Dc clan :furious: