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25th March 2004

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#1 17 years ago

Hey, 19/m/uk : Looking for a BF 1942 clan, I have the road to rome mod... Broadband (1mb) connection Preferred class : Sniper Secondary : Anti Tank / Engineer Any other classes if (and when) needed! ( I tend to switch classes to the most needed depending on situation ) Other helpful skills : I'm a freelance web and graphic designer, and love 3d modelling (especially maps!) Multiplayer history : Several clans, including [ss] in Delta Force 1 (was a member for over 2 years, as a sniper) and Team Fortress... I pride myself as a team player, and yes, when needed I steal planes to get where I want to be (sorry)! :naughty: Email me at : [email="icancu@icancu.com"]icancu@icancu.com[/email] if you'd like to offer me a trial



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27th January 2004

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#2 17 years ago

HI jou can join my clan (can you Skin Or mapping???) MY clan name: (ISON.TEAM) me e-mail [email="Peter@kreuwles.com"]Peter@kreuwles.com[/email]



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18th March 2003

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#3 17 years ago

You sound like a good guy for |SSS|, and 8 out of our 15 members are from the UK :)


Suicide Squirrel Squad is looking for members!

|SSS| Is mature and serious clan looking for mature players, we practise 2 times a week atm. Matches will start again soon, we have taken a short break on that. Besides clanwars we also like good fun, stunting on the server, running low gravity or just talk on IRC.

- EU Only - Atleast 15 years of age - Wars are played at 20GMT

We've recently started the DC division so new members are welcome

- What we are looking for: -

- Infantry: Assault, Medics, Engineers, anything will do. We need people who care about teamplay, not their own personal score. Dedicated persons.

- Tankers: Skilled drivers, able of using and killing with all the tanks, not caring about personal score, and the times they die, but about their buddy's who need their help and support.

- Pilots: Skilled fighters/bombers giving support to the ground troops whenever needed, able to take out any type of tank with the least amount of bombs, and good in taking out the enemy's airsupport. Once again, not caring too much about their personal score, but about the end result

- Our Information -:

Website: www.suicide-squirrels.com Server: a 26 Player public server Email: [email]sssquad@hotmail.com[/email] IRC: #suicidesquirrelsquad on irc.quakenet.org

Additional Info: |SSS| as featured clan on BattlefieldCentral.org : http://www.battlefieldcentral.org/?page=featuredclans&aid=2

Sign-up [here]