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28th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hello, I am one of 2 Captains with Team ZeRo. We are a Call Of Duty based clan with several players playing Battlefield 1942. We are ranked 2nd and 8th in MohOil ladders and are looking to expand our clan into Battlefield if we can get support..

Any clans out there whom are having trouble getting things organized or just want to merge with a dedicated, mature and well known clan are welcome to email us.

If you have your own gameserver, members etc, we will help with payments and with finding new members. A clan joining us would start the Battlefield portion.

If anyone is interested in this idea, simply give us a shout at [email]admin@teamzeroclan.com[/email] .Below is a bit more contact info and our site info. Thanks

Email: [email]admin@teamzeroclan.com[/email] MSN: [email]se_doubleu@hotmail.com[/email] Site: www.teamzeroclan.com Forum: www.teamzeroclan.com

Hope to get a reply from you