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25th November 2002

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Clan Mission Statement [color=red]Mature Mutilators[/color]

This site is designed as a information and meeting place for the few of us that wanted to play Desert Combat together. The name Mature Mutilators was created as a reminder that this isn’t a baby-sitting clan. Most of us are adults with families; any family member children are the only exceptions of children to this clan. We communicate thru [color=red]TeamSpeak[/color] and locate each other thru the [color=red]All-Seeing-Eye[/color]. It’s a clan that play’s together on other people’s servers(for now). Your admission to the clan we be uncontested. However if your personality is not well received by others we will ask you to leave.

Currently we are participating in scrimmages with other clans. Ladder matches may come once we have determined if this is the route we want to take.

All new applicants are required to pay a annual fee of $20. First month free for you to check us out. This is to help with the costs of the TeamSpeak Server. The Clan's account and expenses are available for viewing in the clan members (Clan Construction) forum