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20th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

PACS (Polar Apocalypse Consumer Services) is looking for a skilled player/ or pilot.

About PACS:

PACS has been around since the beginning of 1999. During the past 4 years we've played various games, of which HalfLife DM, CounterStrike and Quake3 were the most important ones. The minute BF1942 was released we started playing it, although it took a while to form a good team that could play 10vs10 matches. The average age in PACS is about 24, the youngest member is 18, the oldest is 33. We are a mature clan, but that only translates into the fact we are fair and decent guys. Deep down inside we're all still 12 year olds. The clan is Norwegian by origin, but we also have one Swedish and a few Dutch members.

PACS was participating in the ClanBase BF1942 Conquest cup, and holded third & 4th place in group F after 6 matches (3 wins, 3 losses: ). Because of the cup our activity in the ClanBase Conquest ladder has been put on ice for a bit. We've played 11 matches in the ladder, of which we lost 4 and won 7 ( ).

Who are we looking for:

We are looking for a skilled pilot and all-round good player. He/she (for readability I will use 'he' from now on) should recognize himself in the following keywords / sentences:

- Teamplayer - Friendly - Fair - Mature - Winning isn't everything, but sure beats loosing - Whining is for lamers - Hangarcamping is a lame tactic - Terror in the sky - One bombingrun, one hit - 18 years or older

He should also be familiar with IRC and willing to idle there when possible. He should be able to know his way around ClanBase, since that is how we schedule our (official) matches.( He should preferably live in Scandinavia or the Netherlands and be able to communicate in English (written and oral).

What are we offering:

A fun clan that isn't aiming to be the best, but is aiming to have fun in an organised way. We will always try to win, but not at all costs. You should be able to expect at least 1 official match (cup or ladder) a week, but that is a minimum. We have a kick-ass server, but because it's running Linux we are not able to host a decent server at the moment. Once EA releases one, our Dual P4 2.2 on a 1 Gbit will host our own (match) servers.

Does this sound cool to you? Please send a mail to Pimp Jr. ( me Dopey ( with some information about yourself. The more you tell us about yourself, the easier it will be for us to offer you a trial.

More information: [email][/email] [email][/email]

or contact us on mIRC: #PACS on quakenet