Recruiting: Former CO’s, XO Create New Squad for BF42 + SW -1 reply

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9th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

After leading clans in to battle in CAL, TWL and various other competitive arenas, two former CO’s and an XO have resigned their respective positions for the express purpose of creating a special alliance with a new focus. Steal Rage, at, brings together experienced leaders, and expressly talented players, in order to explore, enjoy, analyze and focus on the new expansion pack for Battlefield 1942, Secret Weapons. The reason that these leaders folded in to this alliance is because their respective clans were bloated and gnarled in clan politics, perceived hierarchy and conflict. We mean to roll back the focus of clan gameplay to the enjoyment of competition and friendship and leave the baggage of negativity behind. A clean slate with an exciting new pack of weapons and battlefields to explore, strategize and compete together upon. Our 30-seat server will not exclusively rotate expansion pack maps and those who have not purchased Secret Weapons yet, or someone that simply plays vanilla Battlefield, should still consider the opportunity to start fresh, on the ground floor, of a new squad with established players and experienced leadership. Our squad features everything that top clans offer, a private Teamspeak server, a well-adminned public server, an extensive website, expansive forums, etc. We’ve done this before. A lot. This squad will continue to strive to be first class, all the way. We need people. We have brought very few that have offered to come with us from our former clans because we didn’t want to bring with us the things we desire to leave behind, most specifically people with their own personal issues and agendas or those with a focus outside of the best interests of fun gameplay coupled with victory and teamwork. Our long term goal is to focus on the new expansion pack, master the new weapons, analyze their strategic implications and closely examine the new maps... all with an eye toward near-future league and ladder play. The slate is clean and this is your chance to become a charter member of something new. We’d like to make some new friends. We’d like to experience the valued journey toward respect and standing in the clan community with you. Send your questions, comments or interests in joining us to: [email][/email] Help us create a squad that rolls back the clan experience in Battlefield 1942 to when it first began. Leave the baggage and the b.s. you’ve been dealing with, and about had enough of, behind. We all left exisiting positions and standing with this idea and theory. We need your help to create something clean and something new. We hope you consider joining us at Steal Rage. [email][/email] Charter Member Steal Rage



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25th May 2003

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#2 17 years ago

If this is for BF1942, then post in the respective forums please. I am going to move this to BF1942 forums, terribly sorry if he posted this there as well.