«|»S.o.S«|» is recruiting Benelux people for BF 1942 and Vienam!!! -1 reply

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31st January 2004

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#1 15 years ago

«|»S.o.S«|» is recruiting: We have about 10 members and we are looking for: -Serious Benelux people who can talk English. -It doen't matter what class. -You must be older than 15 years. -And you must use Teamspeak. The games we play are: -Battlefield 1942 -Medal of honor Allied Assault Games that will be played in the future: -Battlefield Vietnam -Unreal Tournament 2004 We are also looking for someone who wants join and build a GOOD Clansite. If we have enough members we will get our own BF, MOHAA and UT server. So if you are interested come to our Teamspeak Server: ip= Or go to our IRC Channel: #«|»SoS«|» on quakenet and ask or talk to THaKN of Vuurmuur (Me). If you don't use any of these programs you can also mail me at [email="karsten_huizinga@hotmail.com"]karsten_huizinga@hotmail.com[/email] and I will contact you. Hope to see you soon. :deal: