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24th October 2002

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-=Team Havok=- is looking for gamers.

We are a team with one mission. 'Play games the way they we're meant'. We are all 18+, we play all our games to win, but to win as a team. That means 'all' players have their role. No one man (or woman) is a team unto themselves. We are currently looking for members. We are a multi-game clan... We encourage our members to represent Havok in other games. There are no tryouts at this time, so anyone can join as long as you follow some very simple things;

1- Abide by our pledge 2- We ask that you have a mature attitude toward your gaming 3- Be an active participant in our community:Posting,Forums,site help. 4- We all use icq/trillian, so will you (glitch-56963822) 5- When playing you will where our tag: =]H[= 6- We request North America residents only (This is not a biased request. Time difference issues are better resolved this way)

We are on our way to building a great crew of talented players for BF and other games. We currently have 15 members and we are always looking for more talent. We are not a strict, "Salute" your superior type clan. If that's what your looking for there are literally a crap-load of other clans to choose from. We host alot of local LAN's.(@ least 1 a month) (Portland, Or / Vancouver, Wa Metro area)

The games we currently play, include BF1942/RtR, Warcraft3, Empire Earth, AOM, UT2k3, Raven Shield, MechWarrior, C&C:Generals, freelancer.

Our website is Stop by and say hello in the forums or the tag board. Even if you don't want to join, but would like to be part of our community, your more than welcome.

We Pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence and teamwork in all our games..

contact info: glitch - icq 56963822 ZyberGhost- icq 148852313 [email][/email]

There are join and scrim forms and a paging system on the website, that you may use to contact myself or ZyberGhost. ~glitch