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7th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

The Art of Warfare Battlefield division is seeking mature minded players to join us on the battlefield.

The Art of warfare is a multi-game multi-national clan that boasts membership above 250 players. We have members from Western North America all the way to Belgium and Germany. We can accommodate any time zone

We currently compete four leagues or ladders: 1) In the CAL ( Open League. 2) In the OGL ( 12 vs 12 ladder. 3) In the OGL 8 vs 8 ladder. 4) In the Electronic Sports League (

Soon, we will be forming a TWL ( team. And, with such a large group of players we always have some type of internal competition as well.

We have had our own North American Battlefield Servers (TheArtOfWarfare.Net) since April of 2003 and host a no nonsense playing environment. We recently put up a European server (TAW Gryphons).

We also use voice communication software from to coordinate with.

For more information on what we are about or TO JOIN, feel free to contact [email][/email] or visit our website

IMPORTANT: It is imperative the you refer to TEAM 4 in your application or email correspondence.