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19th June 2003

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#1 16 years ago

My Battlefield 1942 alias is theKingofSpades. This is my resume`. :deal:

I am, of course, theKingofSpades. I want to recruit to a Clan. The problem is that I've never heard of any BF42 clans, so I know nothing about them. That's why I'm posting this instead of wasting time checking ALL of them out. I am a good player. I have excellent sniper abilities; I can stalk opponents without their knowledge, and do just as well with other classes. I also admirable hand-eye coordination. But most important of all; I am a good team-mate/member. I know when not to chuck a grenade when it may kill a friend. I know not to shoot at that dark shape in the distance until I've verified that it's hostile. I will not hold a grudge against a person who rightfully got to a vehicle before me, and vice-versa, I will not set back another person so I can arrive at the vehicle first. I will follow rules, and if necissarry, punish those who do not. I will switch to the other team when short handed if need-be.

I do much. I am the man you want.

As of this moment, I am ranked as a Brigadier General of the Americans, and I am in the top 12% of rated players on, and have done much better. My balance of games I play between FPS's (BF1942, CS), MMORPG's (Earth & Beyond), and RTS's (Command & Conquer, Rise of Nations) gives me extra knowledge of how people think as well as skill in ingame tactics.

As for you clans: If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is above, . I will not consider to join clans who contact me just to say "Join now!!" I want proof. Include the following in response: 1. Why you want me 2. Why your clan is different/better than others 3. Just how good your clan is when playing.

Thank you for your time. -theKingofSpades


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17th June 2003

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#2 16 years ago

I think you are asking too much with the why your clan is better than others. You would get clans at eachothers throats in here. OFPR is in need of a good sniper, and going by what you say you must be pretty good at that. When OFPR gets in a server together we work as a team and win as a team, we do very well. You would just have to come in a server and see for yourself. You can check us out at

american warrior

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21st June 2003

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#3 16 years ago

go to to join

[WF] Ventana

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25th May 2003

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#4 16 years ago

I could very well respond with as much bravato and praise about my clan as you did about yourself in your post. However, the only way this is going to work is if we both agree that we are good for each other. The only way this is going to happen is if you come and play on our server so we can check each other out. This is a two way street, you don't hold all the marbles. No one is going to beg you to join. The ball is in your court.

[COLOR=white]The WhiteFalcons - BF1942 and Desert Combat [/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]Server IP address - :14567 Server name -[/COLOR]

Are you in need of a clan? Then we need you.

We are primarily a mature squad (age wise) looking for some quality players. We know the balance between real life and the game. We enjoy the teamwork and strategy that this game has to offer. Membership into the group is not necessarily based on skill. Careful consideration will also be given to how well you fit into the group dynamic . We run a clean server. We do not allow foul language, offensive names, or excessive team killing.

Currently running BF1942, DC and our own TS servers.

If interested, come visit our web site. Go to . Please register for the forums and maybe post a hello. This will give you a chance to start some dialog with the other members. While you're at it, why not fill out an application and join us on our server. We would like to get to know you better, and give you a chance to get to know us.

We Look forward to seeing you in the game.