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9th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

=VX9= is currently recruiting players that are adept at playing Battlefield 1942 for our Battlefield 1942 team: Alpha Company/=VX9=.

We have a lot of positions to fill for our team, so don’t be timid – WE WANT YOU FOR =VX9=!

=VX9= has action! =VX9= has intrigue! =VX9= is primarily composed of adults! (No kiddy corner here.) =VX9= has real military members and veterans! (Well, maybe not such a good thing, since our vets are usually drunk. LOL.) =VX9= is an equal opportunity employer! NO DISCRIMINATION HERE! We accept players from all over North America! If you get in, you’ll be glad that you joined us!

If you are ready to take the next step in multiplayer gaming and are prepared to join a friendly group of online gamers that are branching into Battlefield 1942 from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, here’s what you do:

1) visit http://www.vx9online.com/join.html

2) download all the software listed and get them all working (except Mohaa; it will be nice if you play Mohaa, but not required, since we are recruiting for BF 1942 players right now). We assume you already have Battlefield 1942.

3) once you have all the software working go back to http://www.vx9online.com/join.html and fill out the form. In the Brief Message part of the form, write in the reference code: “1942alpha” (if you’re a hot on the flight stick, your reference code will be: “1942alphapilot”; and if you can pummel your foes with armor, your reference code will be: “1942alphatank”)

4) click on the “send” button.

That’s it. Our recruiters will get in touch with you.

=VX9= is a North American clan.

Thank you for considering to join =VX9.

Note: to find out more about =VX9=, visit us at www.vx9online.com

Visit our server at:

Server Hostname is: =VX9=/www.vx9online.com/1.3

Our server is patched to v1.3

FAQ’s Section

· Question: What rank will I begin with? · Answer: Private.

· Question: How do I earn rank in =VX9=? · Answer: The following qualities will help you earn rank in =VX9=: o Good attendance at scheduled BF1942 activities (regardless of whether you get to play or not, at least show up to make yourself available and to be marked off on the attendance record). o Allowing =VX9= to employ out-of-game talents (technical, artistic, administrative, etc.) o Capital contributions to the clan (money, servers, backbone access, etc.) o Tenure (seniority) o Overall in and out-of-game contributions to the clan o A few subjective measures

· Question: Does =VX9= issue awards to members? · Answer: Yes.

· Question: Can I play any of the other games that =VX9= plays? · Answer: Absolutely, and please do. You are being recruited to play BF1942 competitively, though, so you’ll only be able to play in =VX9= BF1942 ladder matches. If you want to play with =VX9= in any other game ladder matches, you must request permission from the game’s =VX9= team captain for the specific game division within =VX9=. If that game division captain allows you to transfer to their team, you’ll discontinue playing BF1942 competitively for =VX9= and begin playing the other game competitively for =VX9=.

· Question: Will the BF1942 team be split up into Army, Naval, and Air divisions? · Answer: Yes. All new members start in the infantry platoon. You’ll need to contact the armor platoon leader, or air squadron leader if you want to join one of those units.

· Question: Do I have to be good to make it in the clan? · Answer: You need to know at least the fundamentals of how the game works. If we let you in, you will get good by playing with us.

· Question: What type of ladder do you play on? How does it work? · Answer: We play in BF1942 8v8 and 12v12 matches on the OGL network. http://www.worldogl.com/ And we play in BF1942 8v8 and 12v12 matches on the TWL network. http://www.teamwarfare.com/ We’ll have plenty of competitive play opportunities for you.

· Question: Do I have to pay? · Answer: No, but keep in mind that our servers aren’t free.

· Question: Do you compete in a lot of matches? · Answer: Yes.

· Question: Do I have to be here every day? · Answer: No.

· Question: Does =VX9= condone cheating in any way? · Answer: No.

· Question: How does =VX9= deal with cheaters within its ranks? · Answer: We dismiss them from the clan and ban them from our servers.