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27th January 2003

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#71 14 years ago
El Dragon@ new testers I've got you now on my master list so you should be all set when we notify of new files.

Ok, and if you need to email testers, send me a PM until I get my email/Out Look Express fixed.

@ snake, that was a hole in boltys map that allowed us to get outside the 'defined areas' and into the outside of the map (just like you could walk through the gate on hacienda and then roam the outer edges of the map (knew an individual that would sit on that far hill and snipe folks in the govenors foyer), thats what betas are for finding all the holes :D

Heh, it was odd and funny. :lol:

If there is a new test date we should create a new thread instead of just saying so in a post here, that way we will catch other peoples attention more. ;)


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7th December 2003

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#72 14 years ago

hewster - was the code you changed server side or do we need to download a new patch?

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25th June 2003

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#73 14 years ago

@ snake, why not get (even if temporary) a freebie account (like my wweldragon at yahoo) then you can look it up where ever you are :D


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1st November 2003

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#74 14 years ago
BITE_ME!!aint that right preacher???? you can duck but cant hide...

You got it pardner! You were going pretty good there. But you missed my sniper show earlier - bouderdash is a hoot, and I was doing some pretty fancy snipering when the game was full, if I do say so myself. And Queeg discovered that I'm getting pretty good at nades when we played boulderdash just the two of us! But man that new volley hurts! :) Fantastic games everyone - and a special thanks for Hew, BiteMe and Marker, who came in and played two games of Mine with me after very late. Those were my first games of Mine ever. I'm really gonna have to learn that map better! :)