1.3 issues fixed with DX9 reinstall -1 reply

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2nd February 2003

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#21 17 years ago

My Desert Combat mod still seemed to work fine after I got V1.3 all working properly. But there is also a new update patch for Desert Combat, to fix other issues they had (graphics changes in V1.3). So go and download that.

The DC mod is a standalone mod, so just sits in a folder until you choose to activate it. It won't/shouldn't affect anything about BF1942 or the RTR mod.


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21st June 2002

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#22 17 years ago

Yeah DC 0.25c works with 1.3, however that "custom mods" button seemed to have disappeared in the main menu now. :(


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22nd October 2002

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#23 17 years ago

What you mean dissapear. Reinstall.