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20th April 2003

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#31 16 years ago

What a stupid thread


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22nd March 2003

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#32 16 years ago

i quit on this damned thread its pretty stupid i dont know why i signed up for this thread maby cuase the post was so idiotic i became one to start argueing with appaerntly someone who dosent know how to shoot a guy out of the air

s h i t man ill give you the best tips on killing a dude in a plane again:

(1) either come down on the plane and shoot up the c o c k pit of the plane killing the pilot instantly since your useing a rapid fire gun to someones head they dont get a good chance to eject

(2) shoot the engine! i know this is har but if you come up from the bottom this get easyier the more you do it ----------------------------------------------------------------------

so now what? you screwed up your shot? no problem say like if you were flying around on wake island midway or some pacific theater map so the guy ejects and hes out in the middle of the water SO WHAT? that so called pussy has just sealed his life with the fishes! or so now what hes landed on the ground? if hes heading for a control point that has people in it just forget about him thell take care of it......uhhhh....depending on thier i.q go ahead and bomb the control point but if you really want to kill em heres two things you could do

(1) if hes on the ground or hes getting close to the ground in his chute read this!

(2) ok hes in a chute and hes close to the ground you can still bomb him and send his dead carcass flying back up in the chute and on the ground makeing his parachute a makeshift body bag since you can move very fast in a chute a bomb right under him would be perfect

(3) alright you found an intelligent pilot who decides not to fly in a crappy ass plane you shot so he opens his chute 10 feet from the ground and makes it to cover probably this guys gonna try to blend in with anything he can find like foliage,buldings or possibly hideing under objects well heres what you can do.either set your planes speed with a joystick and tell your comrades about the pilot or you can bomb the place out

(4) if hes an ignorant pilot and decides to open his chute way up in the air and right when he gets out of the plane just turn around and shoot his chute or the pilot or you can eject also and open your chute and kill him with your personal gun...BUT wait this guy maby not be so stupid he might has a bazooka or anything that launches a rocket depending on mods anyway he could have open the chute permaturely just to lure you into that "im really stupid for doing something stupid like this but..." trap so he shoots the rocket and takes you out maby you might escpae but unlikely


when you deicde to "clean" up and area of an suspected enemy try to find an enemy first since destroying planes tanks apcs jeeps etc. well deduct your rank if you really care about it

so only if you care about your rank try not to destroy a vehicle of your team unless that certain vehicle is about to aid the enemy


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8th January 2003

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#33 16 years ago

2 words: taikwas dumb