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#1 16 years ago

okay..i have had this problem..and i found a way to fix it

everytime i load up my custom map it would crash

so heres what i did...if you have the dc objects in your .lst can only use them if you open up a dc map with them in it already..and then edit the if its a map from scratch...delete all the static objects you put in that were dc...then go and take em all out of your .lst..i suggest going back to the .5..then going to the .6 .lst..and just put in the vehicles..sea, air,land...all that

once youve done that.....make your .lst look like this

[Editor Paths] GamePath=C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\ // custom mod files go here: ModsPath=Mods\bf1942\ // objects are read from here ObjectsPath=Mods\bf1942\objects\ // SMs are read from here StandardMeshPath=Mods\bf1942\standardMesh\ // TMs are read from here TreeMeshPath=Mods\bf1942\treeMesh\ // textures are read from here TexturePath=Mods\bf1942\texture\ // Object list ObjectsList=DesertCombat.lst

[Defaults] LevelName=MyLevel MaterialSize=512 WorldSize=2048 HeightScale=1 TexOffsetX=0 TexOffsetY=0 VertexFogEnable=1 FogColor=0.77/0.766/0.75 GlobalAmbientColor=0.1/0.1/0.1 AmbientColor=0.15/0.15/0.18 DiffuseColor=0.3/0.3/0.3 SpecularColor=0.3/0.3/0.3 ShadowColor=0.4 WaterLevel=50 AlternativePath=Texture/Europe WaterSpecularEnable=1 WaterTexLayer1=texture/water05 WaterTexLayer2=texture/water06 WaterNormalMap=texture/normalMap01 WaterScrollDirectionNormalmap=1/0 WaterScrollDirection1=1/-0.5 WaterScrollDirection2=1/0.5 WaterSpecularColor=0.65/0.55/0.4 WaterScrollLayer1=0.02 WaterScrollLayer2=0.02 WaterScrollNormalmap=0.02 WaterSpecularStreakFactor=0.001 WaterTileLayer1=0.5 WaterTileLayer2=0.5 WaterTileNormalMap=1 WaterLightDirection=-0.3/0.5/-0.65 WaterShallowColor=1/1/1 WaterDeepColor=1/1/1 WaterAlphaDepth=0 WaterShallowAlpha=0.5

[Theatres] //this is the equivilent to the alternatetexturepath Theatre=Europe Theatre=Africa Theatre=Pacific Theatre=Russia

[GameModes] GameMode=Coop GameMode=Conquest GameMode=TDM GameMode=CTF


// Sky=name // SkyMesh=mesh // SkyDefaults=heightoffset/rot/lightvector (in x/y/z form) // defaults get used when user chooses a sky, but they can still change those values

Sky=Battleaxe SkyMesh=Sky_Gazala_m1 SkyDefaults=200/180/0.628/0.661/-0.41

Sky=Berlin SkyMesh=Sky_Berlin_m1 SkyDefaults=150/180/-0.191/.45/-0.873

Sky=Bocage SkyMesh=Sky_Bocage_m1 SkyDefaults=150/180/-0.191/.45/-0.873

Sky=Bulge SkyMesh=Sky_Bulge_m1 SkyDefaults=0/180/-0.087/0.319/-0.944

Sky=El_Alamein SkyMesh=Sky_Elala_m1 SkyDefaults=50/0/-0.75/0.46/0.46

Sky=Gazala SkyMesh=Sky_Battleaxe_m1 SkyDefaults=150/180/0.5/0.4/0.76

Sky=Guadalcanal SkyMesh=Sky_Guada_m1 SkyDefaults=150/180/0.783/0.38/-0.49

Sky=Iwo_Jima SkyMesh=Sky_IwoJima_m1 SkyDefaults=50/180/0.764/0.5867/-0.251

Sky=Kharkov SkyMesh=Sky_Kharkov_m1 SkyDefaults=200/180/-0.483/0.345/-0.805

Sky=Kursk SkyMesh=Sky_Kursk_m1 SkyDefaults=0/180/0.718/0.8/-0.696

Sky=Market SkyMesh=Sky_Market_m1 SkyDefaults=0/180/0.365/0.59/-0.715

Sky=Midway SkyMesh=Sky_Midway_m1 SkyDefaults=0/180/0.628/0.661/-0.41

Sky=Omaha SkyMesh=Sky_Omaha_m1 SkyDefaults=200/180/-0.448/0.3765/0.810

Sky=Stalingrad SkyMesh=Sky_Stalingrad_m1 SkyDefaults=0/180/-0.719/0.625/0.305

Sky=Tobruk SkyMesh=Sky_Tobruk_m1 SkyDefaults=150/180/-0.778/0.58/-0.234

Sky=Wake SkyMesh=Sky_Wake_m1 SkyDefaults=0/180/-0.295/0.496/-0.816


// Team=name_of_team/name_of_flag_template/name_of_skin // TeamBase=flag_base_template // then there should be exactly 6 kit names following.

Team=Iraq/AnimatedJapFlag/IraqSoldier TeamBase=JPBase TeamKit=Iraq_Sniper TeamKit=Iraq_Assault TeamKit=Iraq_AT TeamKit=Iraq_HeavyAssault TeamKit=Iraq_Support TeamKit=Iraq_SpecOps

Team=US/AnimatedUsFlag/USSoldier TeamBase=USBase TeamKit=US_Sniper TeamKit=US_Assault TeamKit=US_AT TeamKit=US_HeavyAssault TeamKit=US_Support TeamKit=US_SpecOps


the command lines to open mod archives are left out..i didnt see if it works with them in or better safe than sorry

so once you have made sure you cleaned out every dc object in the static object menu in bc..and that you took all of them out of your should work

hopefully this helps..because i was very frustrated..and im glad if i helped any of you

Merry Christmas!