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3rd December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Alright everyone- post your best moments ever- doesn't have to be a cool pic- even just a description :) :deal:

SO here are mine- tonight i was playing on some server- TDM on El Alamain.... Lots and lots of people spawn camping- after dying about 3 times (and having heard that everyone else had died like 20 times) i ran over to the hanger were these campers were, and got behind both panzer tanks- 2x tnt on both- run back abit and BOOM! problem solved... everyone rejoyced... but to make it better- one of the guys was gonna come back- so i put mines over the front and got into a plane and flew off- the guy came back...twice... and blew up....twice :cool: So while i was flying i saw a spitfire bombing our base- so engaged in a dogfight- im not the best of pilots- so it was a chance to give it a whirl... i got him smoking bad (and he to me) when he leapt out (musta been the flak that started) not wanting to lose my kill- i leapt out of my plane-- but deployed my chute too soon and started sailing over his head (he was gonna land in the lake) as a last ditch thing i dropped a TNT (my last one after reloading from them tanks :) ) and almost immidatly fired it off.... he died (Sry Capt. Hatred- was very sweet- musta hurt ) ;) and i landed- then i decided to call it a night- 3 kills- all awesome :)


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6th September 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Nice run! My personal favorite moment, on behalf of Wolverine, wasn't ALL that special, but I thought it was pretty cool. I dropped a bomb at his M10, kinda hit, but as I pulled up and started to turn, a tank shell SLAMS right into the cokcpit lol. It was great because I was in 3rd person view at the time, and saw it crash into me =)

Lets see now.. Ah yes, that last one was on El alamein, and this moment is as well. I was flyin cover for my tanks at the outpost north of the allied base, and got 4 plane kills in about 2 minutes, including the b-17 =D TERROR OF THE SKIES XD

And on that note, I also racked up some nice kills in Market garden =) Tank after tank fell to my mighty bombs: i did so well that the plane campers LET me have a mustang after my single death =x I sat in stunned silence for a moment, then hopped in lol. Ah yes, in total I got 33 kills, 4 of which were infantry. The rest were tanks =D