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25th May 2003

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#61 17 years ago

lol, guy killed himself, thats pretty good

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19th August 2003

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#62 17 years ago
ditchhopper I respawned and as luck would have it there was Frankie running in front of me. By this time I was about to blow a blood vessel so to hell with ethics Frankie was goin down!

HAHAHHAH!!! good stuff!


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27th April 2004

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#63 17 years ago

Best moment I had was a really tough battle on Midway island on a 64 limit server. I was at a friends, and his computer is a hell of a lot more better than mine, and he has broadband. But the battle was really tense and I was at the spawn point by the hanger. Anyways, I was in a fight with an enemy and we wasted our ammo for our rifles and handguns and we coulden't kill eachother off until we had to fight with knifes. Then I saw him turn and run away. And me, (wondering why the hell) turn to my right to see a dauntless's torpedo right in my face.

Another time was when I was playin' some Star Wars mod and the walker's head was bouncing all over the place after I launched a rocket into it's head. I think it was on Hoth, because I was in the snow trench or something. And this walker's head was bouncing around killing all the enemy coming into the trench. Then it killed me because I thought it be neat to go in the trench for some STUPID reason . . . .


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20th April 2004

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#64 17 years ago

Nice ones zammstein ~/)arkknight


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30th April 2004

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#65 17 years ago

G'day - been playing BF and assorted mods for quite some time now - finally decided to register and contribute. Sounds like you guys play a lot like me'n my mates do - verrrrry strangely. So much for intros - I have only one recent experience to relate that rates a mention here. Playing DC on the Midway Map - finishing a strafing run on the main Island in a harrier and was heading back to the 'carrier for a re-load when I heard the sound of 'lead hail' on my canopy. Dropped from hover mode to full thrust straight for the rear-end of the carrier. Unfortunately, this manouver lost me a lot of altitude and I found myself heading straight for the side of the carrier. I don't know if you've noticed the very small passage thru the rear of the carrier (something to do with lifts) - needless to say, I fluked a flight straight thru this passage .... they guy on my tail didn't ... :D (the resulting explosion killed a teammate tho :( )