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17th October 2002

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#1 17 years ago

OK question 1) can u fly a helecopter with just a keyboard or do u need a joystick.. i fly planes just fine w/ keyboard.. please post keyboard instructions to get the thing in the air and moving foward. i swear the helo's i get in ..r posessed..

question 2) when someone says i got a target for artillary. what do i hit when im in an artillary unit to see his it the same for DC as it is for the reg 1942

question 3) do fast jets and small maps mix. take off and 1 second later get a warning that your leaving the area. i swear i took off in iwo jima and next thing i knew i flew into the omaha beach map ...what?


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19th April 2003

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#2 17 years ago

1) You can fly it but it's bloody hard 2)Right Mouse button 3)???



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30th March 2003

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#3 17 years ago

iwo jima isnt that small, i think it's just you need to get used to flying the jets. you get used to the ww2 planes and then you go on to the jets, and what a speed difference! so i think you just need to get used to it.


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20th May 2002

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#4 17 years ago


Your problem with jets and small maps is caused purely by your controls. With keyboard or mouse flying there are only two throttle settings, dead or screaming flat out. Get a joystick with throttle, take off under full power then throttle back to half power, and cruise around, very nice.

The arty key depends on what your alt fire key is set too. Me I use my right mouse button to move forward, ALT key for ALT fire. Default is right mouse button.

Have fun

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