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Tommy Atkins

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30th November 2002

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#1 16 years ago

If they do how about a 'Directors Cut' version of the game for grown ups? ie one that doesnt pander to the politically correct. i would gladly fork out the money for another version of the game that was as it should be, ie;

- proper Nazi insignia (NO I am not a Nazi so stop those flames) but nor am I child that needs to be 'protected' from enjoying the game as it should look.

- blood. I am not a ghoul and do not need to see dismembered limbs like SoF but on the other hand its rather silly that we cannot see any blood at all.

- The British back at Market Garden please. I know the main audience is American and since they did take part perhaps there could be a new map for the 82nd Airbournes role at Nijmegan or the 101st's fights against the Fallschirmjaeger between Einhoven and Grave. BUT the fight in Arnhem was with British paratroopers.

- realistic weapons. The main bulk of the German army did not have the assault rifle they are issued with in the game. Give them any of the other weapons and if its to be a heavy one then how about the MG34? If DOD can put heavy machine guns into an old Half Life engine then surely Dice can add them here. It would add a hell of a lot to the Berlin map for example.

Anyone have anything on their wish list?


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6th September 2002

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#2 16 years ago

its nijmegen you pussy and Eindhoven

sjeez your Americans are all the same only speek names and towns in there own language

but when some1 says something wrong in english they start ranting "Oeh spelling oeh grammar"


well yeah true but you forget that Amerika did more then the british

the british got slaughterd