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27th June 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hi all. I have been playing BF1942 for three months now. I used to play CS and HALO alot. But now BF1942 is all I play and I had a few questions about it.

First Question: How do you take/retrieve ingame screenshots.

Second Question: I used to be able to put my own .wav files into my old CS sound files so when I played I could hear my own sound effects and stuff. I cant seem to be able to do that with BF1942. Does anyone know of a way to do that?

Third Question: I can only run my game smoothly one low graphics and I hate that. I either need a better graphics card or more RAM, right?. I have a 64mb Geforce2 and 256RAM. Anyone have any suggestions on how to up my computer for Awesome BF1942 play?

I hope someone out there knows the answers to my questions. Thanks

BTW-KlausVonOppenheimer is my ingame name. The Nazi Army was bad ass and i wanted to have a name that was flamboyantly German. If anyone sees me ingame, send a word!


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20th May 2003

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#2 16 years ago

What speed is your processor?

You could use more Ram I have 512MB. 128MB ATI 9000 Pro and 2.4Gig P4.


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19th June 2003

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#3 16 years ago

about the screens, just push the print screen button and then go to paint (or whatever u have) ant do edit paste.

to change the sounds, just get the rfa extracter, extract sounds.rfa (located in the mods/bf1942/archives folder) to a new folder, edit the wavs, and use make rfa to pack it back up. name it sounds.rfa and replace the old 1. not as easy as cs eh? :agreed: :lol:


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9th June 2003

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#4 16 years ago

I wouldnt suggest pushing print screen if u want lots of screens, check ur CONTROLS ingame and you will see you have a screenshot button, (you could possibly re-assign it to "print screen" key if its not already) and take as many screens as you wish, after youve finished playing goto your bf1942 directory and you will see a "screenshots" folder.. here are all what youve taken. you will need a paint program that is tga compatible this has been discussed in another thread but im too dam lazy to find it for ya, but those progs are paint shop pro and erm *minds blank* ...yeeeaa anyway goodluck :D


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20th May 2002

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#5 16 years ago

Hi KlausVonOppenheimer,

About your gameplay question.

I have a 64mb Geforce2 and 256RAM

What model GF2, if it's a GF2 MX of any sort they are now obsolete as far as BF is concerned, they just don't have the grunt, a new vid card would do wonders along with another 768Mb ram. 256Mb is really the minimum amount to play with, I have 1Gb and love it, maps load fast etc.

A FX5600 wouldn't fall short of fitting the bill, but the FX5200's fall short of the mark as far as FPS go despite being DX9 compatible. Also the mid range Radeon's do a great job, but you must get more ram to go with it.

Have fun

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