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24th July 2002

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#1 16 years ago

This game is less graphical than Unreal Tournament 2003, but it runs slow on my computer. I have a mid-range 1.4Ghz computer and it has a better time running UT2k3 on medium graphics mode than BF 1942 on medium mode. Any suggestions to make the gameplay a little smoother?


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5th August 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Try reading the threads about sound lag, seems sound quality to high can cause bad lag..


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22nd October 2002

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#3 16 years ago

GO to start, run type in dxdiag that will bring up a menu of sound and graphics. Go to sound turn hardware acceleration all the way to the left and then exit. Like optik said it seems as though sound is the problem with BF1942 not gfx. I have a 1.10GHZ P3 512 ram and a gf2MX400 (im poor) and the game doesnt lag at all for me.

P.S. found this thread. Do what i did and you should be fine.

turn off environmetal mapping

turn off shadows

play at 1024 definition with 16 bit color

turn graphic quality to medium turn off effects to medium

sounds at 22 khz with low detail

download cool bits to tweak your video card , right click on desktop go to properties , display , click on advanced and select gf 2 mx << For those of you that have a GF2 turn anti allising off , and set the slider to performance :aggressive , go to direct 3d , click on the advanced 3d tab and select v-sync always off .

dont touch the clock speeds unless you know what you're doing . You could fry your chips and be SOL.

open the game enter in console without the quotes "console.showfps 1" and see how well you're doing do a before and after test of fps see how much difference you notice ,./