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12th January 2003

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Here is a list of information you may find pertinent to making ACB a bit better.

Air Craft Wake:

Pros: 1) Additional Axis Naval Units have increased the amount of aerial warfare, and keep the game fairly evenly balanced. 2) TrialMustang (Allies) very solid little dogfighter. The missles overpower it quite a bit, I'll explain why in the Cons section. 3) Reconnaissance planes are a great addition especially with the Artillery strike alternate fire. 4) Addition of cannons to the aircraft carrier spawn is good. But not so good as well as I'll explain.

Cons: 1) New Wake map view distances are horrible...even with my view distance maxed it was like viewing everything at 40% view distance. The old Wake had a much greater view distance and it made engaging for dogfights...or bombing enemy naval units a bit more realistic because you could line up to engage. With the reduced view distances, by the time you usually see the target its too late to line up on it. 2) View distance problem also renders use of the Aircraft Carriers 40mm cannons null and void because they cannot even see the island from where the Aircraft carrier spawns. 3) Axis Stuka spawn detracts from Axis Mission because it diverts 2 Axis AI units from the mission of taking the island, and cannot effectively torpedo the "Saratoga" enough to sink it. 4) Recon planes fly like they've got two ton weights on their pontoons. Understandably they should be less manueverable...but every time you line up a target to call for artillery, the nose of the plane dives line crazy and you have to fight the plane back into the air. 5) TrialMustang can easily sink Axis aircraft carriers w/ missles. This is because close flybys of the enemy aircraft carriers reloads the TrialMustangs missle bays. On a slightly stranger note, while close flybys of enemy ammo crates on carriers WILL reload the TrialMustang....LANDING on the deck of the U.S. aircraft carrier does NOT reload it at all.

Just a few notable things I've noticed between v.36 and v.39b (I didn't really form opinions on the two other maps because they were not in the ACB version I last had.)

Serious Suggestions: 1) Remove the missle/bomb ability from the Mustang. It makes a plane thats already twice as fast and manueverable as a Zero far too powerful. 2) Give the Axis a Mustang equivalent. The Aichival's just don't have its speed or its manueverability. Or balance them out by giving the Aichival's a bit more armor against a Mustangs guns than a Corsair (That makes sense since the Mustang is a lighter...more manueverable plane). So lower Mustang damage versus all other planes so they have to hit make up for their speed and manueverabilty..and things should be fine. 3) More Naval unit spawns would be good. Preferably A standard Allies Aircraft Carrier with the increased plane spawns. A battleship, and maybe one submarine or destroyer. Essentially when that unit appears due to the game condition...its a reinforcement fleet, so lets make it a fleet rather than trying to combine 3 ships into one ship. You could even spawn a few more Japanese destroyers...or the Yamato with the original Axis fleet that spawns on the NW side of the island. 4) View distance must be increased, max fog must be decreased. You can't have a good aerial battle when half the time you can't see your targets until your on top of them. This has to be a Mod specific problem because .36 ran great and I could see planes and naval units a long way off...., .39 still runs great...but the max view distance is very much shortened.

Great mod though. One of the better ones I've tried for BF1942 other than Desert Combat. I hope you keep up with it and make it as good as it can get.

Thanks for putting your time into it. From an armchair pilot.